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What is Life Insurance?

Life insurance is a way to protect your family. If something were to happen to you, your life insurance can help your loved ones pay for college, mortgage, and more. Life insurance isn’t just insurance – it is peace of mind.

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Answers to Your Life Insurance Questions

Do I really need life insurance?
You need life insurance to protect your loved ones if something were to happen to you. Very few of us have no debt and enough savings to leave behind for our families to last them for decades to come. According to LIMRA, nearly 4 out of 10 families would run out of money one month after the passing of the primary breadwinner. With so many affordable life insurance options, life insurance is one of the smartest investments you can make. Start your quote here for a life insurance policy for as little as $14 per month.
I don’t own a home or have a family – do I still need life insurance?
You don’t need to be married with a spouse, kids, or a mortgage to have life insurance. The average person carries $15,000 in credit card debt alone – don’t leave that debt behind. Start your quote here for a policy for as little as $14 per month.
How much life insurance do I need?
This is easily the question we get asked most often. Fact: According to LIMRA, 20% of those that already have life insurance don’t feel they are adequately covered. To help you avoid that mistake, we’ve built a {life insurance calculator} that can help you determine the level of affordable coverage that is right for you.
Why should I have life insurance?
Life insurance is a great way to protect your family’s financial future in case anything happens to you. Your family could be left without the funds to cover household expenses, credit card debt, education costs, mortgage payments, and income replacement if you were to pass without a life insurance policy. Start your quote here.
Life insurance seems confusing – can you explain all of these different options & terms?
We have several {articles} that can help you understand life insurance and a glossary of common life insurance terms you’ll encounter in the process of taking out a life insurance policy. Life is complicated enough, life insurance shouldn’t be.
How much does life insurance cost?
According to LIMRA, 61% of people pass up life insurance or buy insufficient coverage because they have other financial priorities. We work with our partners to offer you a wide variety of coverage and policy options so you can get a premium that works into most family budgets and run as low as $14 per month. Start here.
I have minor health issues; can I still get life insurance?
We’re constantly working with our partners to ensure everyone has access to a life insurance policy that meets their needs. In rare instances, we may not be able to help you find a life insurance policy. In most cases, we have solutions for every circumstance. Our licensed agent partners can assist you with a policy even if you are a smoker, overweight, or have other health concerns. Start your quote here.
I already have life insurance through work; why do I need my own life insurance?
Most work-sponsored life insurance coverage levels are capped as a multiple of your earnings and end immediately if you retire, resign, or get terminated. A life insurance policy that isn’t employer-provided ensures your family the levels of coverage they need for decades to come regardless of what happens at work. Start your quote here for as little as $14/month.
How do I choose the best life insurance policy?
Each person’s life insurance needs and circumstances are different so we need to understand more about you before answering this question. What we can promise: all of our partners are A-rated or better and backed by secure companies that have been around for decades. Tell us a bit more about yourself and we will match you with a licensed insurance agent that can answer all of your questions.
Can I change my mind after I buy a policy?
Absolutely. Our partners will work with you to make any changes as your needs evolve.
I already have a life insurance policy – should I replace my existing policy or add to it?
We recommend discussing that with one of our partner licensed agents. Start by getting your quote here and a licensed life insurance agent will be happy to analyze your current policy, identify coverage gaps, and ensure you have the right amount of coverage for your family’s protection.
I have more questions – how can I speak with a licensed agent?
You can call us at 555-732-2069 M-F between 9AM and 5PM.
Does my social security help pay for final expenses?
The Social Security Survivors Benefit Program will pay a single $255 lump sum toward your final expenses if something were to happen to you. Compare that to funeral costs that can rise as high as $10,000 – it is easy to see why final expense insurance is a smart investment. Start your quote here.

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